War Through the Eyes of a Child

22 Οκτωβρίου 2018

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To a fourteen year old girl, things like these seem like an awful nightmare. Countries invading foreign land, civilian populations getting hurt or even killed, nations solving their problems using violence. All the above appear unacceptable in the eyes of innocent children.

The conflicts which prevail all over the world stigmatize forever the hearts and minds of many young kids. Knowing that some of them are trained to fight, that from the age of seven or even younger they are obligated to know how to shoot is just terrifying. No one should have the right and power to ruin children’s lives like that. Every kid should have the right to education, the right to play, the right of expressing their personal opinion. No human should be allowed to take these from them. Unfortunately, in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq the ongoing wars are the cause of the children’s reduced rights.

So many kids in so many countries are familiar with the term “war” not because they’ve heard of it, or because they’ve searched it online, but because they’ve lived it. They have experienced what it’s like to be in war with someone, they’ve seen and used guns, they’ve seen people getting killed and injured, they have been separated from their families and have been traumatized. And for what? So that some stronger and more developed countries can have a profit? It’s sickening to know that young adults are forced to live under such poor conditions. It’s disgusting to know that no one looks after these unlucky kids.

Just think about it, is it worth destroying the lives of our youth just so that some can live a «better» life? If we don’t take matters in our hands and speak up for those who can’t and won’t, children will continue to be war victims. And like Eve Merriam once said, we should all dream about having kids who will ask: “Mother, what was war?”​​

Cossie Karagkitsi

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